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Bird With A Tale

Everyday Sexism: Bird With A Tale When I was little my dad used to call me 'pajarita sin cola', his little bird without a tail.

Boy Who Cried's collaboration with actor and writer Elisa King uses verbatim text and physical theatre to uncover what it means to be female behind closed doors.

Last performance was on 3rd April, as part of the First Festival, Tristan Bates Theatre.

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Elisa finds herself very much a feminist. When you find yourself very much anything, you sometimes wonder how it came about. Why Elisa, but not some of her best friends?

She sets out to find and share the story of one feminist's journey, by asking her loved ones questions, airing her WhatsApp chats, digging up memories, and occasionally talking to a puppet.

Bird with a Tale is an honest, funny and uncompromising piece of devised theatre.

Writer/Actor/Deviser:  Elisa King
Director:  Leah Townley
Musical Director:  Peter Michaels

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